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Changing Job Roles: The Recruiter

ynglingar.jpegThe New Role of the Recruiter

Over a night, the corona crisis did hit many recruiters in Europe very badly. However, with a new generation of recruiting software, entering the market right now, the recruiting process was moving from the classical HR and Marketing departments to the operative business already before the lock-down in April 2020. 

The role of the recruiter is changing and the ticket back to the labor market is to understand the new processes around HR Marketing and Employer Brand.

New software tools like Teamtailor support the new process as a full solution HR Marketing, Employer Brand and Recruiting Tool. In New Recruiting, the contact with the candidates is connected with the local operation, who also have better possibility to attract the candidates directly. [Read More…]

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The Digital Transformation is your chance!

AdobeStock_192301067.jpegWhat does the digital transformation mean for me?

The digital transformation goes hand in hand with automation. It means that automation affects several working places in a company. From financial controlling to production and logistics. And it means that several tasks, that until today have been done manually will be done by machine or become obsolete. [Read More…]

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How to build a healthy organization in a changing time?

bird (2).jpgSustainable Health Management

- Understand  the success factors in a healthy organization
- Learn different ways, analogue and digital, to track the health status in your organization
- Save Costs up to 10 times the investment with a health management system

Sustainable Health Management cover more than fruit and Yoga courses for the staff. A changing world and increased remote work increases the demand on employer and employees to ensure a healthy work place. 

The last years, the distance between manager and employee has increased. New organization and management topics like delegation of responsibility and self organizing teams result often in less leaders and larger teams  reporting to one leader. Especially in remote work, the employee is very much left alone. [Read More…]

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How to build resilience against change, a new generation Self Management Trainings

AdobeStock_129400133 Panorama.jpegWhat it takes to work on your own agenda and to be successful?
Work out visions and reach objectives for private and professional life
Define your future place on the labor market
Find ways to ensure and increase your income

Life is like a bus! And who is driving the bus? Your partner. [Read More…]

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The Latest Recruiting Trends

party web.jpeg
By Valérie Downey
There’s a lot of buzz around employer branding, and for good reason. We’ve scaled down the latest trends and tips to stay ahead of the game to more effectively grow your business this year!

1. Treat Your Candidate as Your Customer
With the lowest unemployment rate ever in the EU and increased job opportunities, it’s harder to attract talent than ever before. [Read More…]

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Chill at work! It inceases your chances for a promotion.

Compressed Web.jpegNow it is proven again!! 

Take it easy and chill at work – it increases your chances for a promotion - if you can differentiate between hard work and good outcome.

Dr. Argyro Avgoustaki at ESCP Europe Business School has examined the effect on increased work effort on well-being and career related outcomes from 52.000 employees in Europe and came to the conclusion that  employees, who take it easy in the job  are luckier, more healthy and have better possibilities to get promoted. Increased work effort is related to strongly reduced well-being and only modestly to intermediate career related outcomes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIA22O538Zk

So… here we go again: The guy in the forest, who takes regular brakes and sharpens his saw has the best chance to win the competition against the guy who works hard without brake with a blunt saw. [Read More…]

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