We Make IT Fly
and people grow 

KERMAROK helps employers to develop Human Resource Management that makes sense

We do this by offering HR Management Service and efficient IT solutions 

Our offer

Increase Operational Effectiveness We help employers to find new HR solutions, to optimize HR processes and to make IT fly on site with your staff. Efficient work places increase the employee engagement because it allows people to grow and to focus on what is important. But which solution is the best for your organization? And how can digital solutions help your organization to deliver new business values? We find it out together with you. 

Human Resource Management Service Welcome to book Human Resource Management Service after temporary need in order to  improve the quality of topics like training & development, recruiting & HR marketing strategy, process optimization and health management. In this way it has become possible for employers in all sizes to offer attractive people oriented solutions and to improve people engagement and sustainable development.

What makes us special?

Know How 20 years of experience in Human Resource Management and a strong network of HR Tech providers with safe solutions enable us to find the best solution and to help your staff adopting to new processes.

Sharing We invite enterprises to share our services. This enables employers in all sizes to offer first class HRM to the staff at appropriate costs.

Hands On  We bring  people and technology together. Our pragmatic mindset and experience make us special as change champions. We do not talk about agile management, we live it since 20 years

 Innovation Expertise  We organize interdisciplinary innovation platforms together with users and solution providers.  Our innovation expertise enables us to develop new ideas about how to create values together with your team and open up for individual visions and job roles that make sense. 

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